glass art


To commission stained glass for your home, make sure to deal with a reputable craftsperson, especially if requiring an architectural application such as a door or window that will be in the contact with the outside. You may even seek the advice of an architect before you begin work that will change the appearance of your house. Architects are artists, too! Many stained glass studios will have a portfolio to show you.

If commissionning a smaller piece, such as a custom panel, an experienced hobbyist, rather than a full fledged studio, may be all that you need.

First, look at many styles as you can (internet image searches are useful here) to develop a sense of what is possible for stained glass artisans to create for you, before settling on a particular idea. You may also visit stained glass studios to see for yourself the array of glass that is available to artists.
  • Ask the artist to produce models for you before commending the work.
  • Agree on a payment structure that are either related to specific milestones in the project, or an advance and final payment model.
  • List the type of glass that is to be used.
  • Specify who will be responsible for the installation of an architectural project.
  • Do have a timescale of steps to completion.
  • Under copyright laws the artist possesses first ownership of a work of art they themselves have created. You need to agree in advance with the artist the ownership and copyright of the artwork.